AI: Past, Present and Future

Sanctuary AI — “Synths”, Human-like Robots


In the 1950s, John McCarthy, one of the greatest innovators in the field of artificial intelligence coined the term AI and defined it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. The most notable concept around Ai is the Turing Test — the method of inquiry in artificial intelligence for determining whether or not a computer can think like a human. It was named after one of founding fathers of AI, Alan Turing, along with Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon.


Over the past couple of decades, artificial intelligence has gained a significant amount of attention, we’ve seen an uptick in research, applications of the technology, deal sizes and its integration in the school system.

  1. In March, the Asian big data company MiningLamp managed to raise $300 million in a round lead by Tencent and Temasek
  2. And last but not least, SoftBank Group led the North American robotics and logistics fulfilment automation company, Berkshire Grey’s investment round earlier this year which totalled to $263 million


The successes of this technology have been tremendous till date, but this is just the beginning. The major drivers for the AI market are growing big data, the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services and an increase in demand for intelligent virtual assistants, which is expected to grow the industry to $190 billion over the next 5 years. By 2021, 80% of novel technologies would have integrated AI and based upon previous years, the funding into the industry is only to grow.

“So there’s a chance that we’ll see this automation technology that is stemming from AI will actually improve the ability of employees to work and will provide new ways of understanding information that we haven’t even thought of yet”

To finish up, a lot of people have reached out to us wanting to learn more about Sanctuary AI’s Synths — human-like robots. To learn more about their capabilities and progress, check out Suzanne Gilbert’s (CEO of Sanctuary AI) talk at Singularity University:

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